Crosswords Puzzle Maker

Welcome to Crosswords Puzzle Maker.
Here one can:
- generate and solve online crosswords (Crosswords online sections).
- create crosswords based on your own words and clues. The generated crossword can be printed and exported to PDF & PNG file (Crossword maker section).
- look up words based on the number of letters, the clues of the words and the position of known letters in the word (Dictionary section).

Online crosswords

The random crossword generated by our system is presented below:


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      Instructions for use

      Start solving the crossword created by the system by clicking on the selected crossword field and entering the letters of the guessed password. A message will be displayed when all words have been guessed.

      At any time it is possible to view the answer and generate a new crossword,

      Additional information

      The website is based on the lexical-semantic database Wordnet created by Princeton University.
      Currently, our database contains over 135000 English words and clues which allows generating more than 6000 unique 20-words crosswords.

      The crosswords presented by the system can be published in accordance with the license at